Best360 Monopod Carbon Fiber Edition

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The most stable and portable camera stand ever made for 360 cameras

  • Reduce the risk of your 360 camera getting blown over by the wind or getting knocked over too easily.
  • Perfect for virtual tours, travelling, filmmaking, journalism, and vlogging.
  • Long legs creates a super wide base to keep the Monopod upright.
  • Hefty counterweight will keep the Monopod stable in adverse weather conditions.
  • The Monopod can break down into 3 parts which can easily fit into a small bag. The tallest part, the selfie stick, is only 39.5cm long.


Shipping box dimensions: 13 x 45 x 11cm
Monopod weight: 981g
Selfie stick weight: 220g
Counterweight weight: 510g
Tripod leg weight: 251g
Thread type: 1/4"-20
Monopod max height (Wide leg): 164cm
Monopod max height (Narrow leg): 174cm
Selfie stick open height: 150cm
Selfie stick closed height: 40cm
Material: Carbon fiber / Aluminium alloy
Colour: Black

In the box

1 x Best360 150cm Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick
1 x  Best360 Black Aluminium Alloy Adjustable Tripod Legs
1x  Best360 500g Stainless Steel Counterweight
1 x Hex Key

User manual

Learn how to use your Best360 Monopod and the best practices for maintenance. Download user manual.

10 things you must know about the Best360 Monopod Carbon Fiber Edition


What is the tallest height possible?

When the monopod is erected with the tripod legs in the widest position, counterweight, and fully opened selfie stick, the height of the monopod is 164cm. You can adjust the tripod leg to the narrow leg position to reach a height of 174cm.

Which 360 cameras are compatible?

Any consumer 360 camera including but not limited to: Insta360 ONE RS 1-INCH 360 EDITION, Insta360 ONE X2, Insta360 ONE R, Insta360 ONE X, GoPro MAX (Best360 GoPro Tripod Adapter required), Kandao Qoocam 8K, Ricoh Theta Z1, Ricoh Theta V, Xiaomi MiSphere.

Is the Monopod waterproof?

No. It's best not to submerge any part of the monopod underwater. It's ok to use the Monopod in a rainy situation or water splashes.

How much wind can the Monopod handle?

It's difficult to pinpoint an exact wind speed. It depends on the terrain, 360 camera, and force of the wind. The Best360 Monopod will reduce the chance of your 360 camera getting blown over. But it is not wind proof by any means. You can further reduce the chance of your 360 camera getting blown over by screwing in extra counterweights onto the tip of the tripod legs.

What makes this the best 360 Monopod?

The Best360 Monopod is the best 360 monopod for filming on the go. The super light weight and robust carbon fiber selfie stick is the most comfortable and practical selfie stick ever made for consumer 360 cameras. The 500g counterweight reduces the chance of your monopod getting blown over by the wind. And the monopod will also help you look more professional in front of clients. It really is the best 360 companion for your 360 camera which any 360 camera owner should have!

What is the difference between the Best360 Monopod and Bushman Monopod V2?

The Best360 Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick is 100g lighter than the Bushman Aluminium Selfie Stick. A lighter selfie stick is more comfortable to hold. The Best360 counterweight is 100g heavier than the Bushman counterweight. A heavier counterweight will provide more stability in windy weather conditions. The Best360 counterweight has a rubber anti slip pad on top. This will stop your selfie stick from loosening too easily. The Best360 tripod legs can be adjusted to ANY position in-between the narrow and wide tripod leg position, using the adjustable ring. The Bushman tripod legs can only be in 2 positions, narrow or wide. 

Is the Best360 Monopod worth the money?

Best360 aims to help you spend more time filming and less time worrying about the safety of your precious 360 camera. That's why we only offer high quality 360 camera accessories.

Will I pay Import Tax and Duty?

There is no Import Tax and Duty to pay for orders from UK, USA, and Singapore. All other countries, now including the EU from the start of 2021, are subject to Import Tax and Duty. Please check your local government guidelines to find out how much Import Tax and Duty you will pay.

I have a problem with my Best360 Monopod. What should I do?

Don't worry :) Best360 offers the best customer service to resolve your issues. Just use the email address at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

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