Best360 Magnetic Camera Mount And 10CM Aluminium Spacer

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A super strong magnet and spacer to mount consumer 360 cameras securely onto metallic surfaces

  • Black rubber coating protects your car body paint from being scratched.
  • Super strong 45kg of pull force between the magnet and metallic surface.
  • Easy to wash surface to clean and maintain.
  • Perfect fit for consumer 360 cameras with a 1/4"-20 thread.


Dimensions: 88 x 88 x 23mm
Weight: 175g
Thread type: 1/4"-20
Pull force: 45kg
Material: Rubber
Colour: Black

5 things you must know about the Best360 Magnetic Camera Mount

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User Manual

Learn how to safely mount your 360 camera onto a car surface using the Best360 Magnetic Camera Mount + Aluminium 10CM Spacer. And best practices for safe filming. Download user manual.


Will the Magnet work on any car?

The Magnet will only work on metallic surfaces. Please check your car to ensure it has a metallic surface. Some cars may have Aluminium, Carbon Fiber, or Fiber Glass parts which are NOT metallic.

How to test the magnet is secure?

Place the magnet on a magnetic surface such as a car hood or lamp post. If you cannot lift off the magnet with your bare hands, then the magnet is strongly secured in place.

How to add magnet on magnetic surface?

Before placing your magnet on a metallic surface, make sure the surface of the magnet is clean from any debris. Attach a selfie stick onto the magnet, and carefully place the magnet on a metallic surface. You can then use the selfie stick to lift off the magnet and reposition it if you need to. Remove the selfie stick when you are happy with the position.

How to remove the magnet from metallic surface?

Screw on a selfie stick onto the magnet, and use it as a lever to carefully lift off the magnet from the metallic surface.

Can I fully extend a selfie stick on the magnet?

It's safer to attach the camera directly onto the magnet. Or use the Best360 Spacer to create a small space between the magnet and the 360 camera. Using an extended selfie stick increases the risk of the magnet falling off.

Will I pay Import Tax and Duty?

There is no Import Tax and Duty to pay for orders from UK, USA, and Singapore. All other countries, now including the EU from the start of 2021, are subject to Import Tax and Duty. Please check your local government guidelines to find out how much Import Tax and Duty you will pay.

I have a problem with my Best360 Magnetic Camera Mount And 10CM Spacer. What should I do?

Don't worry :) Best360 offers the best customer service to resolve your issues. Just use the email address at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

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