Best360 Academy Ultimate 360 Camera Beginners Guide

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Learn how to film, edit, and publish high quality reframed and immersive 360 video for social media

  • 8 online courses: Follow Shanil's steps in online video tutorials at your own pace to learn new skills and put them to the test. All camera files are included.
  • Help and support: Get the answers to all your questions and expert advice on your personal 360 projects.
  • Continuous updates: Get the latest and best information as the software and hardware changes over time.
  • 1 year membership: Enjoy full access to the entire Academy for 1 year. Cancel anytime.

Courses included

An introduction to 360 cameras Learn the fundamentals of 360 cameras to master the best filming and editing techniques.
Avoid blur, noise, light flicker Learn how to avoid noise, blur, and light flicker in 360 video.
Insta360 app beginners guide Learn the best methods to reframe 360 video in the Insta360 app and upload it to social media in the highest quality possible.
Insta360 Studio beginners guide Learn how to reframe 360 video in Insta360 Studio. And process INSV files into MP4/ProRes files.
How to edit 360 video in Premiere Pro Learn how to create reframed and immersive 360 video in Premiere Pro and upload it to social media in the highest quality possible.
How to edit 360 video in Final Cut Pro Learn the fast and fun way to edit a reframed 360 video and immersive 360 video in Final Cut Pro. All files and footage included. Start learning now. Watch the free preview videos to get started.
How to edit 360 photos Learn how to process RAW files using Insta360 Studio and Affinity Photo to get the best quality photos possible for social media.
How to make a virtual tour Learn how to capture, edit, and create a virtual tour using the Insta360 ONE X2, Best360 Monopod, Affinity Photo, and Kuula software. This workflow does NOT require an expensive subscription to Photoshop or Lightroom.

Best360 Academy explained


Do I need a specific 360 camera to follow along?

All the 360 camera files are provided so you don't even need a 360 camera to start learning! But the Best360 Academy is geared towards Insta360 consumer 360 cameras because they are the easiest to use.

Is the Best360 Academy worth the money?

Shanil has spent 1000+ hours learning how to master 360 cameras so you don't have to. As a former media teacher in primary schools across London, Shanil has the best experience explaining complex theories in a way which 10 year old children can understand. With this beginner friendly approach to learning and expert knowledge in 360 cameras, you can learn everything you need to know about 360 cameras, in one place, step by step, in 10 hours or less. The Best360 Academy will give you 1 year access to 7 courses (£997 in value), expert help and support on demand (£997), and continuous updates (£997 in value), for only £99 a year.

I bought the Best360 Academy and it does not suit my needs. What do I do?

If the Best360 Academy does not suit your needs, just send an email to requesting a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. You are entitled to all your money back. No hard feelings :-)

Which internet browser do I need for the best user experience?

Please use Google Chrome for the best user experience.

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